✨Just a Girl Who Decided To Go For It✨

Hi I’m Alice, the founder of Yummy’s. Here is a little info for you to get to know me better.

I am 25 & not actually a Mum (although I hope to be one day). However I have always loved children & of course always loved a bargain, Who doesn’t?
They say that; all parents want to give their children everything they can afford but I thought; what if there were a way for parents to give their little ones everything they can afford and more?

That’s when I had the idea for Yummy’s; a members card that allowed families to minimise their outgoing whilst maximising their lifestyles.

Although I was really nervous about setting up a business and thinking of all of the things that could go wrong. I thought Yummy's was something that might just work.

So I just decided to go for it.

I have met & "virtually met" some fantastic people along the way already who have been so kind & the lovely Gayle & Cat from @hustleandfox  have been amazing.

I know this journey won't be easy but I hope, if I keep working hard to make Yummy's the best it can possibly be, it will most definitely be worth it.

Terms and Conditions

We will provide you with access to exclusive discounts on some of Britain’s best family friendly products and services during the times that have been agreed between Yummy’s and each business that it works alongside.


Yummy’s does not provide:

  • The ability to book or pay for products through us

  • A health and safety guarantee on any of the products or services we recommend










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