Athena Tuition

Athena Tuition provides premium private tutors across Greater London and Edinburgh. They specialise in GCSE, A-level, 7+, 11+ and common entrance exam preparation, and School's Consultancy services.


The company is dedicated to providing a tailored service to each student and finding each client their perfect match in a tutor. At Athena Tuition, students are not simply taught to pass exams. They understand that true success in anything requires a real interest and passion. Therefore, once the primary learning target has been met, Athena encourages each student to explore the subject beyond the constraints of the syllabus, develop a real understanding of it and apply that knowledge to its wider relevance in the world.


Athena Tuition is also aware that each student is unique and will thus naturally learn differently. Every session is therefore tailored to each specific student so that their tutor can teach them in such a way that is optimised to each individual's style of learning. All of Athena’s tutors are Oxbridge or Russell Group University graduates and each one has been personally interviewed and DBS checked by the team. Athena Tuition are truly committed to matching each student to their tutor. Their directors interview every single tutor in a one-to-one setting, enabling them to know their tutors as individuals and make ideal matches. Even once a match has been found, Athena Tuition maintain regular contact with each client for as long as the tutoring goes on to ensure that their tutors continue to teach inspiring, stimulating lessons.

At Athena Tuition, Yummy's members receive 20% off a block booking of 10 A-Level private tutor sessions and 50% off their agency fee on all other private tuition bookings. Please quote "Yummy's" when booking and present your members' card when you meet the team.

Henry came to tutor my son Xander prior to his sitting the King's Scholarship for Eton. Xander immediately connected with Henry, who was engaging, encouraging and enthusiastic. Xander came to look forward to his tutoring sessions with Henry and learnt a great deal throughout their time together. I, therefore, cannot recommend Henry more highly. He has an inherent understanding of children - not just their academic requirements but also their mindsets. Not only did Henry teach Xander a great deal academically but he taught with humour, intelligence and imparted a sense of confidence and wisdom that has proved invaluable for Xander's upcoming scholarship.



Latest News

Wesley James Sanders, the founder of Athena Tuition, has written a lovely article for The Guardian about how important it is to mix things up sometimes and learn in the great outdoors. 

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