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AURA is a centre for dental and facial aesthetics' located in Kingston & West Wimbledon.


The newly equipped practices, provide exceptional treatments in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Dr Nadine Skipp, the founder, based her clinics in the luxurious Canadian style she had experienced in her native country. She wanted to bring state of the art treatments together with an indulgently relaxing atmosphere to London.

Dr Skipp and her team of experts are dedicated solely to providing outstanding customer service. Every AURA visit is completely tailored to your individual needs and is professionally conducted by one of AURA’s highly qualified team members. AURA is also committed to providing you with truly honest advice. 


Dr Skipp has personally experienced all of the treatments that AURA offers, so you can really trust her first hand advice and knowledge.


AURA's commitment to excellence is further proven by their use of the most advanced, innovative and effective clinically proven materials, the latest equipment and cutting edge techniques.

This exceptional quality is complemented by each team members extensive knowledge and credentials. The team also continuously build on their, already outstanding, expertise by both staying abreast of the latest development in the dental and facial fields and in advanced training courses through leading international programmes.

It is clear that Dr Skipp and her team have paid close attention to each and every detail of their brand. Every aspect of AURA is completed to the highest of standards, right down to their grand, modern and beautiful appointed clinics. So, if you’re looking for a beautiful smile or even anti ageing treatments, look no further than AURA to find the experts in their field

At Aura, Yummy's members receive 25% off all of these treatments: 

Dentist: New Patient Exam & Hygiene,


 Existing Patient Exam, Hygienist, Emergency Appointment, Teeth Whitening, Veneers/Crowns & Bridges, Dental Implants                              Orthodontics: 6 Month Smiles Double Arch, 6 Month Smiles Single Arch, Invisalign                          

Anti Ageing: Wrinkle Reduction, Dermal Filler, 

Lip Augmentation,  Dermaroller  


 You also receive: Free Cosmetic dentistry and Anti Aging Consultations and15% off Obagi Skin care products. 

This is a brilliant place. Nadine is a very skilled and sympathetic dentist and the rest of the team are brilliant keeping you alway at ease. Thank you.
Jo Pipes

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Aura is accredited by:


 British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry


American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry


IHAS register of injectable cosmetic providers


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