Club Petit Pierrot

Club Petit Pierrot provides a French education for children that is truly exceptional. Their renowned immersive learning system means that your little ones will take part in playful, structured activities whilst absorbing French. As French is consistently used as the sole means of communication, children quickly make a direct connection between the language that is used and what they are seeing or doing. This is the most natural way to learn a second language as it is the closest replication of how children have learnt their mother tongue. This will give your little ones the opportunity to hear vocabulary, grammatical structures and syntax in everyday activities and thus re-use it appropriately.

One of the best aspects of Club Petit Pierrot is the fact that the classes are so fun that children don’t even realise they’re learning a new language. They are simply absorbing it. Stella, the founder, ensures that each lesson is dynamic, energetic, active, playful, creative and interactive. She places a real emphasis on choosing each and every member of her team very carefully. As a mother herself, Stella has  a personal experience of both the French and English education systems. She is committed to only employing motivated and creative teachers, with a genuine love of children. All teachers are native French speakers, DBS checked and complete a rigorous initial training period to ensure that they provide a safe, nurturing, engaging and exciting atmosphere for your children.

So if you would like your child to gain a head start in bilingualism in a nurturing, engaging and fun environment Club Petit Pierrot is the perfect place to do so.

At Club Petit Pierrot Yummy's Members save 25% on all of these classes: 
Tuesday after school in Hampstead 2 gps
Thursday after school 4.15pm 3-5yrs in Notting Hill
Thursday 4.15pm Putney Eddie Catz
Friday 11am in St John's Wood
Saturday 9.15am in St John's Wood
Saturday 10.15am for francophone children only / French curriculum St John's wood

Please quote Yummy's when you book and show your members card when you meet the team

Club Petit Pierrot has variety of excellent video testimonials to view here

Latest News

Club Petit Pierrot have a wonderful educational CD to help little ones continue to learn French outside of classes. You can buy it here

They also offer many exciting events at a variety of different locations across London. To view their event timetable click here

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