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Fulham Nannies provide a fantastic nanny placement service in London. All of their nannies are local to the area and have a genuine love of children. Moira, the owner, places a real importance on matching the right nanny to each family and will offer you expert advice on just about any nanny placement queries at any point along the recruitment, selection, and hiring process. They also continue their ongoing support from beginning to end of each placement. One aspect of Fulham Nannies that makes them really stand out is that they are one of the only nanny agencies in London to stay open late. Therefore they can be contacted during after work hours, which can be so helpful for busy parents. With Fulham Nannies agency, clients can interview as many candidates as they like. You have no obligation, and no sign up fees. The agency is a member of The Association of Nanny Agencies and their intimate, family-like structure is underpinned by a "quality not quantity" spirit which means that you pay no VAT.  With their friendly and welcoming atmosphere, their dedication to providing you with the best possible match and their commitment to making busy parents lives as easy as possible, it’s easy to see why Fulham Nannies has an 80% referral rate.

At Fulham Nannies, Yummy's members receive:

30% off Full-Time Permanent Nanny Positions

20% off Part-Time Nanny Positions

( 1-4 days per week)

20% off Temporary Nannies or Maternity nurses/ nannies when booked for a period of over 6 weeks Please quote "Yummy's" when booking and show your members' card when you meet the team.

I have been dealing with a number of different nanny agencies around London to help find appropriate help for my rapidly increasing family. With a toddler and expecting twins this has been a challenge and also an emotional and time- consuming exercise. Of all the agencies I dealt with, I was impressed with Fulham Nannies. Moira Walsh, the founder, listened carefully and was more proactive, responsive and sympathetic to our families requirements than almost all the other agencies. As a small business, Fulham Nannies is not as well known as other agencies but [they] provide a welcome and refreshing alternative to some of the bigger agencies. I was very pleased at the end that we did find a nanny through Moira, though I would have been equally willing to write this recommendation if that had not been the case.

Corrine, Mother

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Fulham Nannies are one of the only nanny agencies in London to stay open late:

Monday: 8am-9pm

Tuesday : 8am-9pm

Wednesday : 8am-9pm

Thursday: 8am-9pm

Friday: 8am-9pm

Saturday: 9am-7pm