Kerry Cares:

Sleep Consaltant

One of the most common trials of new parenthood is the inevitable lack of sleep that comes along with it. The early mornings, night feeds and feeling that extreme exhaustion are some of the hardest things about being a new mum or dad. Fortunately for you, we have found the answer to your sleeping prayers in Kerry Secker.


Kerry is an infant sleep consultant. She holds her NNEB, worked as a private nanny for over fifteen years and is an OCN & sleep consultant. Kerry’s unique approach does not involve controlled crying or cry-it-out methods and she always puts the emotional needs of both you and your little one first.

Kerry’s vast experience in infant sleep consultation has taught her that one size most definitely does not fit all. This is why she is committed to completely tailoring the implementation of each new sleep routine to fit your little one’s specific needs.

Kerry assures you that there is always a biological reason and sleep science behind your little one’s bedtime behaviour and there's always a caring way forward. She understands what sleep-deprived parents need; a friendly and non-judgemental approach. 


 Kerry is committed to a caring approach that’s simple, logical and easy to implement. She will never dictate to you what you should or must be doing with your little ones, after all, you are the best expert on them.


Kerry can offer expert advice and support in all areas of sleep including: Early rising, Nap fighting, Bedtime resisting, Frequent night wake ups and Transitions.


So if you are an exhausted new parent who’s looking for a friendly, non-judgemental sleep coach to help you regain a good night’s sleep for your family, Kerry is the person for you.

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Kerry is our hero. She met our family and devised a tailored plan for us to follow. After just 10 days our 2 year old went from being rocked/ fed to sleep & waking every few hours, to self settling & sleeping through the night. After 2 years of sleepless nights it was something I never thought was possible, but Kerry gave us the confidence and guidance we needed and was always there with encouraging advice and support. She is such a kind lady and so incredibly knowledgeable about sleep. I couldn't recommend her highly enough.



Latest News

Kerry often writes for the Huffington Post and various parenting platforms.


She is also a Nurturing Mums sleep consultant for their postnatal course


She also hosts a Podcast about sleep consulting with tips and tricks on how to get your babies to sleep soundly. Take a listen here.


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