Magical Quests

Magical Quests provide exciting immersive theatre parties that transport your child and their guests into a make-believe world. The company arrive at your house or venue and create sets in a selection of rooms. They then provide actors who perform a devised piece while travelling from set to set and taking the children on a theatrical journey. Magical Quests involves the children in their productions as much as possible and encourages them to help characters defeat the baddy or assist the main character. There are a wide variety of themes to choose from including Pirates, Princesses, Frozen or a completely bespoke immersive theatre production tailored to your chosen theme. Magical quests have been involved in such exclusive projects as: Peter Pan’s 101st birthday for children at Great Ormond Street Hospital; re-inventing one of the largest houses in Chelsea into a Haunted House for one night only and turning a private estate in Surrey into Camelot for the day. The company also work closely with The Woolf Charitable Trust to create immersive theatre events for children in care homes and hospices. So you know that your littles one's day is also helping others. So for an engaging, immersive and completely unique children’s party, Magical Quests are the company to go to.

At Magical Quests Yummy's members receive 20% off Children's Immersive Theatre Parties on Mondays to Thursdays throughout the year and all week during the Summer Holidays. Please quote "Yummy's" when booking and present your card when you meet the team.

Phone Number: 020 8417 0920

email: mail@magicalquests.com

It exceeded all my expectations. The children were in heaven and the adults had a wonderful time too! Thank you so much
Amanda Holden, Actress & TV Presenter

Latest News

Magical Quests turned 10 this year. They have made some great memories so far and look forward to all the fun they will have providing Immersive Theatre parties over the next 10 years. 


Magical Quest Provides Yummy's members a 20% discount ALL WEEK throughout the Summer holidays. Book now to avoid disappointment.

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