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MoZZi Patch is one of those inventions that’s so good, you can’t quite believe it hadn’t been invented it sooner. This innovative, mosquito repelling patch utilises the very latest advanced technology to create a patch where the active ingredient is gradually released as a spatial repellent. This creates a type of anti-mosquito force field which lasts for at least an 8 hour period. 


MoZZi Patch is made from all natural ingredients and does not require any application to the skin; meaning that there are absolutely no side effects. It also means that the effectiveness of the repellent is not reduced by applying extra sun screen, moisturisers or lotions throughout the day. 


Mosquito bites are one of the worst parts about many family holidays, especially for children. The itchy irritation of bites can be incredibly uncomfortable. However we all know that Mosquitos can also carry some horrendous diseases including: Malaria, Dengue Fever, Zika Virus, Yellow Fever, West Nile Virus & Chikungunya. The MoZZi Patch can is such a great way to protect your family. Due to its all natural content with absolutely no DEET, and the fact that it does not need to be applied directly to the skin it is the perfect solution for those with sensitive or delicate skin.


So for an all-natural way to protect your family from those dreaded mosquito bites for at leat an 8 hour period definitely try MoZZi Patch.

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Wherever you chose to go, whatever you enjoy doing, MoZZi Patch is a natural, clinically proven world class insect repellant. 

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MoZZi Patch has a new free online game for you to play where you can fight off mozzies and win awards


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