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Mummas Health Hub Pack of Hacks are the perfect way to build exercise back into your every day routine. Founded by Jemma; a personal trainer and mum of two young boys, these cards will give you helpful little reminders to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Jemma first thought of the idea when, like most of us, she was finding it hard to fit exercise into her busy lifestyle so, she would place post it notes around the house to remind her. She is all about reality as opposed to perfection so each hack has been specifically designed to be able to be completed in a matter of minutes.


As Jemma is a fully qualified personal trainer she has made sure that each exercise is high intensity enough to be beneficial but you can also trust that her training and skills mean that you are walked through each hack in a safe and controlled manner.  So if you want to build your strength, stamina or self confidence but feel like exercise is too hard to fit into your hectic schedule; there’s a hack for that. Just head over to Mummas Health Hub.

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I'm in love with this idea. It’s not about the size of how you look, it's about health, plain and simple. Live healthier, live longer.


Latest News

Jemma is also thinking of creating a workout App specifically designed for Mums. So watch this space there could be an App coming your way soon.


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