Nakuru Children's Project

Nakuru children project is not only a wonderful charity but the not for profit organisation is also run by three truly inspirational young women. Zoe, Rebecca and Annemarieke met as volunteers on their gap-year in Nakuru Kenya. The girls formed a close friendship whilst volunteering as teachers at the Nakuru Workers Primary School. The school, had been started by passionate local teachers, with no money and no government funding but a sheer determination to provide a better education for local children. When they arrived in 2009, the school had 600 pupils. It was so under-resourced that the majority were learning in old mud classrooms and with 80+ children to one teacher. Whilst at the same time over 100 pupils only ate one meal a day leaving them much too exhausted to properly learn or play. 


As their year of volunteering was coming to an end the three friends knew they couldn’t just go back to their “normal lives” and forget about the amazing people they’s met during their time in Nakuru. That is when Nakuru Children’s project was born. The project works with Nakuru Workers and other primary schools in the area. It has built over tegsgydg classrooms, 3 toilet blocks, given 90 children the chance to go to secondary school, fed the poorest 276 children a nutritious lunch every school day, employed 4 local mothers and directly improved the lives of over 1500 students. Amazingly these three girls completed all of this whilst maintaining their university studies.

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It is like a miracle has come to our school. We never thought we'd see this day 

 Mrs Wamagunda,

(Deputy Head of one of  Nakuru's Primary Schools)


I will be able to change the life of my parents, my younger siblings, and also help the needy people who are like me to prosper and achieve their goal. I just want to make somebody else smile, the way I was made to smile.

 Judy ( Sponsered Child)

Latest news

Zoe, Rebecca & Annemarieke jointly won the 2015 YOU/Clarins Most Dynamisante Women of the Year

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Nakuro Children's project has recently been able to build and finacially support a Special need's unit at Nakuru Worker's Primary School, providing high quality special education to 15 students with physical and mental disabilities.

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