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Olé Kids provides uniquely excellent Spanish classes for children of all ages. What makes Olé Kids really stand out is that they immerse their students in the Spanish language whilst they are enjoying other activities. Children enjoy artistic, imaginative and musical activities while Spanish is spoken around them and they are encouraged to use the language to communicate. Founder Lola Fernandez started up Olé Kids to create consistent Spanish language classes. The main idea behind their classes is that language is a ‘tool for communication’ rather than a ‘classroom subject’ and therefore, the more children are able to learn it through doing and playing, the easier it will be for them. This certainly seems to be the case at Olé Kids. At their classes your little ones will be encouraged to develop across all areas of learning, from social skills, to Literacy, Numeracy and the Arts, while being surrounded by Spanish speakers. If you think about how your children learnt to speak in English, you quickly understand  how Lola’s immersive method is the most organic way to learn Spanish.

At Olé Kids Yummy's members receive 3 private classes for £45 rather than £75. That's 40% off!

Please quote "Yummy's" when booking and present your members' card at the class.

From our first class with Olé Kids, we knew we had really stumbled upon something special. My twins wait with anticipation on the mornings Susana is due to arrive and, for the next hour, she creates a magical atmosphere…in our kitchen!We have seen a huge improvement in the children’s Spanish since we started the class – they have always had very good comprehension, but were not always so comfortable speaking it. That has all changed – they sing all the songs, and their vocabulary has really grown.
We are so happy with Olé Kids, and would recommend it to any of our friends!


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At Olé Kids your children can learn a variety of other activities in Spanish. From piano to cooking or photography. Olé Kids offers you the chance for your kids to learn a new skill while being taught in the Spanish languge.


Take a look at their blog for great ideas and an insight into the Spanish culture.


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