Rockbox is the answer to all of your gifting prayers. Everyone loves to be able to give their friends and relatives a gift that is stylish, beautiful and personalised in a way that shows them just how much they mean to you. However, our modern busy schedules and high-streets filled with the same generic gift ideas, mean that; being a truly great gift-giver can be challenging. The answer to this is Rockbox.


This gift-giving solution is truly special. Rockbox’s effortlessly chic style and ability to truly personalise gift boxes means that you can guarantee your gift-recipient will be delighted. From the uber stylish packaging to the aesthetically beautiful gifts within the boxes, each aspect of Rockbox has been created to make the person that you are sending a gift to feel as special as they truly are.


The company was set up by Charlie after two life experiences helped her realise how hard gift-giving could be. Having spent time living in Asia, Charlie knew how hard it could be to send beautifully packaged, individualised gifts back to her friends and family in the UK. After returning home, she had her first child (Mini Rocker) which helped her understand how little time many people had in order to source perfect gifts. That’s when she came up with Rockbox.


With a dedication to choosing brand partners with the same luxury, quality, integrity, and fabulous style as Rockbox, you can guarantee that the contents of each and every box is of the utmost quality. Whilst the ability to personalise each gift, create an individualised box from the Rock Your Box range and even include a unique note to your loved one means that gifting someone a Rockbox shows them just how much you appreciate them in your life and, of course, just how much they Rock.

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“I came across Rockbox whilst looking for a gift to say a big thank you for a friend. It has since become my go to gift service as I know how excited my friends are to receive the most beautiful things so beautifully packaged. Being a busy mum means that I don’t find the time I used to have to scour the high street or internet for thoughtful gifts but Rockbox has done the hard work for me! The products are really special and so stylish and I am always tempted to order one for myself at the same time!”



Latest News

Gorgeous baby brands Etta Loves, Bibs & Booties, Fox Felts and Cheryl Rawlings have recently joined Rockbox to create the most adorable "Tiny Humans Rock" gift box.


Founder of Rockbox Charlie was recently interviewed by the super stylish La Mimi Collection blog about everything from her company philosophy to her signature style click here to check it out


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