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 Run For the Hills is a vibrant interior design company co founded by Anna Burles. Anna is not only a member or the British Institute of Interior Design, she also sits on their highly respected comity. She is known for her exciting designs, full of creative touches that juxtapose vintage classics with modern next generation design. One of Anna’s key talents is key talents is sourcing beautiful one-off pieces for her Client projects and creating bespoke furniture and art with her creative partner Dex. Anna and her team’s beautifuly elegant designs, with a hint of theatricality and high concept artistary, have meant that she has worked with many high profile clients including Ellie Golding and Kelly Holmes so you can be sure that by having her design your room you will be in good company. So for a vibrant, bold, artistic and unique room for you little one that utilises quirky details in a charmingly elegant way Anna Burles and her Run For The Hills Company are a fantastic choice.

At Run For The Hills Yummy's members receive a 25% discount on children's bedroom and playroom interior design services that are completed in their irregular downtime. The project may take a little longer but wil still provide you with the high quality reaults they are known for

She is a highly original interior designer and her clients include stylish homeowners, hospitality, media and retail brands. Recent clients include pop star Ellie Goulding, a fashionable family in East London, Amazon Group and Specialty Cigar brand JJ Fox at Harrods.

British Institute of Interior Design


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Anna Burles’ magical Eco bedroom set (as seen in bottom left hand corner) was created for the Coronation Festival, situated in the grounds of Buckingham Palace and visited by The Queen.


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