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Living Life to the Max

I love Lifestyle Maximisation. It’s the phenomenon of living the best life possible within the means that you have. It’s the little sugar decoration you add to your morning coffee, the gold buttons you sew on to your Zara blazer, the extra time you take scanning Pintrest for beautiful DIY decorations to add to your cocktail party or trawling through Tripadviser, Trivago and Secret Escapes to find your dream holiday at that perfect price. Lifestyle maximisation is the ultimate Life Hack. It’s for people that appreciate beauty, luxury and the best in life but are savvy enough to realise that

value for money is what’s most important. That getting the best is great but what’s better is; getting the best for less.

Tips to Maximise your Life:

  • Find a Great Taylor. If you look at luxury brands or designer clothing one of the things that really makes them stand out is the tailoring. If something fits you correctly it will automatically look better. A properly tailored blazer or a well-fitted dress will always appear more chic, stylish and classy. That’s the image you want to project right?

  • Take the Time to Present things Well. Time is so precious and I know that most of us are busy being, or at least attempting to be, super women. However an extra minute to iron your shirt, de- fluff your wool coat or present your meal beautifully at a dinner party all add nothing to the cost but a lot to your confidence and the overall experience of your day.

  • Smile. I know this sounds silly but smiling and being kind to others really does maximise your life and not only by giving you “that warm fuzzy feeling inside”, though that is a bonus. If you are kind to others, greet them nicely, listen to them and even solve their problems (if at all possible) you won’t believe how much more they are inclined to go out of their way for you. This could be offering you a better table at a restaurant, finding you items that appeared to be out of stock at a department store or even recommending you to their colleagues or contacts. Kindness very rarely goes unnoticed and sometimes the people that notice it offer you so much more because of it.

  • Become a Member of Yummy’s If you are a parent, grandparent, childcarer etc and you enjoy high quality products and services for yourself and the little people in your lives but are savvy enough to want value for money Yummy’s is for you. The Yummy’s card is a members card for savvy parents that provides them with exclusive discounts on some of Britain’s best family friendly products and services. ( basically Taste Card for parents) Membership is only £50 for the entire year which you will earn back in the first month or so with all the discounts you receive. The card is sleek and stylish in design and is so much more sophisticated than carrying vouchers around.

  • Make Use of Loyalty Cards Of course we don’t want to continuously add to the pile of unused loyalty cards that threaten to break the leather of our oh so stylish wallets if you try to squeeze just one more into it. However loyalty schemes on items or services that you would have brought anyway are amazing. I would firstly re-organise that bulging pile of cards. Ask yourself if you have brought anything from that shop, café or brand in the last 6 months and if not throw it away. Otherwise make use of them. They are called loyalty cards for a reason: you have done your job for that brand; remaining a loyal customer, and these free extra are your reward. A Harrods loyalty card often offers you an extra 10% off sale products and free coffee. I even have a friend who paid for flights to and from Brazil for herself and her travel partner on avios points! Take a look at your loyalty cards, read through the possible perks and if they’re from brands you would purchase from anyway; enjoy them.

What tips and tricks do you have to maximise your lifestyle?

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