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Things I Actually Remember from Childhood

I know that to most parents one of the main aims when raising your children is the skill of “making memories”. For your son or daughter to look back on their childhood and think “wow my youth was so jam packed with fun, love and laughter that any bad memories are totally outweighed by the good”. So I though I’d let you know the main things I remember about my childhood fondly.

  • Primary School Events: Sports Days, School Plays, Country Dancing etc. At my school we also had a few less conventional special events, “Bed Time Story Night”- essentially a giant sleepover and “Egg Rolling”, where, yes, you literally rolled an egg down a pipe and whoever’s got the furthest won, were just two of my favourites. My friends and I still reminisce about many of these days that maybe we didn’t complete our entire literacy or numeracy hours but they did set us up well for teamwork, problem solving, public speaking, conflict resolution, sportsmanship and confidence. Sometimes the schooldays that seem like a bit of fun at the time turn out to be the ones that shape you in life.

  • Going to the Pub - Shock Horror, you may already be affronted by this but I can assure you not all pubs are full of drunken men and arguments. I was lucky enough to grow up in a small village in the countryside so our pub was filed with people we knew and all of the children would spend hours playing on the green next door. I think it was the sense of community that I felt from this that makes me remember it, the friends that I grew up with and their parents, who were all parent figures in my life, all enjoying themselves together

  • Swimming in the river Again I was very lucky to be living in a rural area and thus able to do this. My friends and I, from around age12 onwards would rush off the school bus on a humid summers afternoon straight down to the river. We were all quite strong swimmers and were warned about water safety. The late afternoons and early evenings spent down there will always be some of my most treasured times. Once you’ve built a raft, run away from a cow and jumped from a riverbank together; those friendships are sealed.

  • Snow Days If you ever get the chance to allow your children a snow day please do. I guarantee they will remember it more than the day of school they missed and they can easily catch up on one day’s studies. Sledging down hills until you can’t feel your fingers, epic snowball fights and the warming hug of being snuggling round the fire with hot chocolate in hand.

As you can see all of these treasured memories cost very little or nothing at all. It was about time spent with friends and family doing something a bit different from the norm.

What do you do to create memories for your children?

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