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Petite Pearl Lowe have created an enchanting collection of beautiful girlswear. The sequined pieces, harlequin prints and circus inspired style bridge the gap between clothing and costume and offers little girls the freedom to play “dress-up” all the time. The magical, playful nature of this collection encourages a child’s innate sense of imagination and adds to their love of fantasy and fairy tales. Another aspect of Petite Pearl Lowe clothing that really stands out is that, although the pieces are as beautiful as carnival costumes, Pearl, the founder, really ensures that all items are also comfortable. Having four children of her own, she knows just how important it is for seams not to rub and skirts not to itch. Therefore, Petite Pearl Lowe’s coats are lined with silk and she has sourced the softest tule she can find for the skirting on her leotards. The collection is handmade in Somerset from the finest fabrics with real attention to detail. So if you have a little girl that loves to express her imagination in exquisite silky, sparkly and patterned outfits, Petite Pearl Lowe is the perfect brand for you.

At petitepearllowe.com Yummy’s members receive 25% off all new collection items on Tuseday evenings. This will begin on their Fall/Winter collection. Please find your exclusive discount code in your Yummy's welcome email.

I want all of these incredible pieces for my little actresses. I think they will make dressing up box heirlooms and can imagine my grand daughters twirling and giggling in delight like my two little girls do when they dress up in their favourite alter egos.


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